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A Bit About Me


Sharmaji came to United States in the year of 1989 to serve as a Priest in Aurora, Ill., Balaji Temple near Chicago. Having served there for 4 years he came to The Bharatiya Temple (Troy, MI) and served as a Priest until 2002. He then worked in the Los Angeles area at the Malibu Temple before returning to the Bharatiya Temple in 2014.  Presently he is a freelancing (Independent Hindu Priest) serving the Indian community exclusively in North America. 

He speaks fluently in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and conversational Malayalam.

He is familiar with the customary traditions of both North and South Indian ceremonies. Specialties include but not limited to Homas/Havans, and Alankara Sastras  [religious decorations]. Grahapravesh [House Warming], Sri Sathyanarayan Katha, Navagrah Shanthi Havan, Vivah [Wedding], Seemanth [Baby Shower], Shastiabthapoorthy [60th Birthday celebrations], Shathaabhishek, Shatharudra, Aparakarmas, Akhand Ramayan Pat, Sundar Khand Pat, Shanti Pat, Hanuman Chalisa/Puja, and various other religious ceremonies.

He specializes in Yajur Veda, Agama Sastra. He is also famous for decorating the Deities in a very beautiful manner. He is well versed on Smartha and Vaishnava Sampradaya and has in depth knowledge to lead Stotras and Vedas recitation in Vaidika Shodasha Karma.

He has also performed and participated in Kumbhabhishekams, Pranaprathishtapanas, Bramhotsavas, Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam in various temples across USA. 

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